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John's Cars has been doing conversions for some 20+ years, and we've had lots of feedback from customers.  Hear what they have to say:
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I am 50 years old and have a bachelor's degree in civil and mining engineering.  I have been a street rodder for better than 25 years... My street rodding background has made me painfully aware of the expense of having to manufacture all of your own brackets, hoses, etc...  In my opinion, your kit is still cheaper at twice the price...  Thanks again, both for making the kit available and for being so helpful on the phone.  The conversion turned what had been a dog into a real cat....  Chester Stevens, Hazard, KY.

It is really good to know that there are still people who take pride in what they do, and care about their customers..... (two XJs) Fred Powers, Atlanta, GA.

I have just returned from Central America and was pleased to find my ZCar conversion kit waiting for me. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the enclosed parts and cannot wait until the project starts coming together... [later] thanks for the quick turnaround on getting my parts to me. Your response to my questions has helped immensely..... Steven Anders, Cottage Grove, WI.

...this wraps up the XJS conversion. The conversion we did on our XJ6 last year was done by a mechanic friend of mine who wasn't available to help me this time around. I now know the difference between being mechanically inclined and being a mechanic, however I was still able to complete the job alone in a little over 4 days I couldn't be happier with the results, and I recommend your products whenever the opportunity arises..... (XJ6 & XJS) Jerry Good, Palm Springs, CA.

Thank you for your help and service which, as always, was excellent..... Peter Smith, Hanford, CA.

Engine and trans are now in car and I am hooking stuff up. Everything fits!!! I'm very pleased with kit. Thanks (TR7)..... Dave Burton, Charlotte, NC.

Very pleased with Engine Conversion. Thanks (XJ6)..... Nick Buell, Kent, WA.

After close to six years of investigation concerning Jaguar to V8 conversions including visiting and inspecting a variety of converters here in California and elsewhere, I chose to go with a John's XJS One Stop Kit for reasons you are quite familiar with - countless successful conversions.  All in all, this was a painless experience (if you forget the first seven years).  Here's to your continued success. I'm hopeful my halfbreed is more reliable than the original blue blood..... Gene Chaput, Placerville, CA.

Thank you very much for your quick service and helpful folks. Your action is as good as your advertisement..... Robert H Oliver, Fresno, CA.

Enclosed are photos of our TR7 with the Buick 231 everything is complete and runs very well. The swap was rather easy and all parts we needed were in the kit. The power is unreal compared to the original engine. Feel free to give my name to any people that ask about your kit; I am very satisfied with it..... Larry Mizelle, Temperance, MI.

The honeymoon isn't over yet as to driving my car. It has been a long time since I drove a healthy sounding V8 and I feel like I'm 15 again. It is more driveable than I had hoped (ZCar)..... Alan Johnston, Jupiter, FL.

Your conversion is great, no problems (XJS)..... Don F. Hancock, Oakwood, GA.

I agree with you. Price is secondary if you can get quality, service and knowledge!!! (TR7 & XJ6)..... Mike Bancerowski, Fayetteville, AR.

Thank you for your help and prompt attention in mailing the water pump. We could use more suppliers of your quality in our area!!!...... Brian Truluck, Mt Pleasant, SC.

You saved my TR7. I take off my hat to you..... Gary Raynes, Suffield, CT.

Kit works great. For the first conversion performed here, everything is moving along..... Hobbs European Auto Service, Houston, TX.

Your instructions are clear; no deciphering problems here. You received a 9.9 on your kit & instructions..... Al Oettel, Shop Mgr - Trans Petro Inc, Wood River, IL.

This is my third kit with more to come..... Brian Ayotte, Sandwich, MA.

Thank you for your on-going, prompt and complete service..... Jay Robinow, Rochester, MN.

I'd just like to compliment you on an excellent kit; we had no problems. (TR7)..... Mike Duffel, Willingboro, NJ.

I have been impressed with the completeness of the kit. As I told you, I tend to spend quite a bit of armchair time planning before I turn a wrench. (TR7)..... Lonny Wall, Edmond, OK.

The car handles well and your rack mounts are really the cat's meow. They've really improved steering response..... Terry Shwonek, Appleton, WI.

As I've told you on the phone, I've been very impressed with the quality and engineering provided in your kit. Everything fit! What's more, the engine fired up on the very first try. My compliments to you and your staff. Thanks again. (two XJ12s)..... Jeff Barber, Waverly, NY.

Thanks for the great rebuilt pump. I couldn't believe the quality - (perfect)...... Kenny M. Chin, Bronx, NY.

The quality and completeness of the kit is impressive and well thought-out, especially the motor mounts. (XJ6)..... Art Baitz, Houston, TX.

The car is running very smooth now, and I am quite happy. Several people have suggested I do the conversion for others, as my XJ6 is clean and well detailed... Aric Clawson, Phoenix, AZ.

Thanks for the always prompt service and friendly advice and tech assistance. In two years, the Jag has been the most trouble free car we have owned and most of the problems have been nickel and dime stuff. We love it and have recommended you to others. Thanks, I'll never be without a "Jagrolet"..... Bud Michael, Lincolnton, NC.

The Chevy repower we did last fall was a complete success, thanks to your kit. The car is a whole lot more fun now. All of the pleasure, none of the pain! Gary E. Main, Bothell, WA.

Each time we talk, John, and it has been infrequently, I have to remind myself that I am talking to an auto dealer/supplier. You see it hasn't been my pleasure to deal with someone as honorable or decent as you and your associates..... Alan Sobelman, Paramus, NJ.

The ring and pinion set I ordered from you arrived promptly and in good condition. Since I started this project, your service has been the best of any of the many companies I've dealt with. I would like you to know that I appreciate it..... Terry Koerner, Stratham, NH.

I was quite pleased with your service and quality of parts. I installed the parts with no difficulty. The rack bushing tool made the job extremely easy. It was well worth the money to have the right tool. It handles much better with new bushings. I would have no problem ordering parts in the future or recommending your company..... Peter Stanwicks, Windsor, CT.

The rack you sent me, on time, has worked well and I'm pleased with its performance..... Roger Schultz, Salt Lake City, UT.

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with your small block Chevy conversion XJ6 kit. I purchased a complete kit, radiator to driveshaft, and I have to commend you on your attention to detail & perfection. Your conversion is all you claimed it to be and I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep his or her Jag on the road without worries. You can use me as a reference anytime. I live in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and I enjoy showing off the conversion..... Ray Bolton, Concord, CA.

I have recently completed conversion of my '77 Jaguar XJS with your conversion kit and would like to express my complete satisfaction. The kit was complete and made the conversion quite a simple task. The fact that my friends and I had done numerous engine swaps previously may have helped some, but we were all quite impressed with the attention to detail that was obviously put into the design of the kit.
I cannot think of any suggestions for you other than to keep up the good work. I am seriously thinking of doing another conversion sometime in the future...the next one will be an XJ6 for my wife. You can rest assured I will be placing an order for another kit from you when the time comes.
In any event, I would be pleased to act as a referral for any future customers you may have in Honolulu or the rest of our state of Hawaii..... Delmond Won.

I am enclosing the Rack Bushing Tool I rented when I purchased a Rack Bushing kit recently. I have nothing but praise for this device. When I ordered the kit I wasn't sure I'd need it, but it was worth every cent and more. The only drawback was I didn't have the character building experience of skinned knuckles, etc.
Thanks again for the great kit and the phone support you provided..... Brad Martinson, Redwood City, CA.

Thanks very much for such good service!..... The Color Works Autobody Inver Grove Heights, MN.

I received the kit in good order. I am extremely happy with the past service, quality workmanship. Thanks. again..... Bruce Smith, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Ed's car came out great! Thanks for the help..... Tom Turner's Performance Preparation, Federal Way, WA.

The conversion went fine, thanks to your great system..... Scottie's Home Auto, Hughsonville, NY.

This will be the second conversion I have done. The first was my wife's car two years ago and now I'm doing a family friends'. Just to share the credit with you, I've received many favorable comments about my installation and naturally I always tell them John's Cars is responsible, not me!..... Gary Woy, Newhall, CA.

Thanks for making so many Jag owners smile! Happy New Year!..... Whit Ball, Exton, PA.

The real purpose of this letter is to let you know about my experiences with the ________ Conversion... The moral of this whole story is that the John's Cars kit is far superior to ________. The kit is 100% more complete and thereby provides a complete professional conversion. John's service in terms of technical data and actually shipping parts and kits is number one. John is far more receptive to suggestions and problems than ________ and John's staff really understands goals and objectives of the conversion..... Dave Wagner, FL.

Having recently completed the installation of a Chevy 350 V8 in my '71 XJ6 I would like to thank you for furnishing such a complete and well thought out kit. The instructions were generally easy to follow and complete..... Tom Charles, Shasta, CA.

Thank you very much for the recent UPS delivery. I received the parts quickly and correctly. Thanks..... Wallace Youngblood, Huntsville, AL.

Received your catalog and wanted to compliment you on a fine job. In addition I wanted to cast a vote in your favor on the comments that "it costs more because it works". All in all pretty easy, the instructions were clear and I had little or no problem getting everything to fit when I followed them. Of course the were times when "I said this doesn't make sense" and went off on my own - only to find that I should have followed the instructions. Your estimates of time to complete the conversion were pretty accurate as well.
The one thing you stress in the literature received prior to buying the kit was to purchase a complete engine & transmission. I didn't, but it would have made life a lot easier and far fewer trips to the junk yard if I had. I purchased the One Stop Deal rather than the standard kit. If I were to advise anyone on buying a kit it would be to get the One Stop Deal as it is obvious how much easier it is to install.
At any rate, my hat's off to you, great kit, and I didn't do too bad either if I do say so myself. I have two friends who want to do the same swap (I am going to look at a couple of cars with them tonight). I'll bet your best advertising are people who have completed an installation. [Later...] With 500 miles on the conversion, everything is great. Can't wait to get it painted so it will look as good as it runs..... Wes Williams Pacifica, CA.

We've got more...
but you get the idea... our kits fit and work and you'll be happy with them, they are delivered on time and complete, and our instructions will help you finish the job.

There are people out there that will try to dissuade you from a John's Cars kit... but ask them these questions:

  1. Have you ever used a John's Cars kit? (we find that most nay-sayers have never used our kit)
  2. If you used someone else's (or created your own), how long did it take before you were finished?
  3. What did you do about hooking up the engine gauges?  the speedometer?  the A/C?  shift linkage?  throttle linkage?  power steering hoses?

Our conversion kit provides ready-to-install parts (not drawings) that answer these questions.  Anyone can sell you engine and transmission mounts (or just the plans), that's the easy part... but they leave the difficult, time-consuming stuff for you.  Do you have the time to figure out the Jaguar wiring harness?  Every day someone who bought the low-buck kit calls us with these questions. 

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