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Doing Business with John's Cars
The name says it all, as John’s Cars operates via the "do unto others..." proverb: the materials and information furnished by JCI are as we’d like them to be if we were receiving them; the cars entrusted to me are treated just as though they were ours.  This is how John’s Cars was named.  You get the pieces you need to do a proper job the first time.  When you are happy with JCI, you are the best advertisement I’ve got.  No one else is in the Jaguar conversion, parts and service business like JCI.  I am not affiliated with other shops nor is there a "discount branch".

CARDS ON THE TABLE: When I tell you that you probably need a $30 cable instead of a $100 switch you are pricing to make your wipers park – I do expect you to buy the parts from me – after you’ve checked it out.  Sure, you can buy anything (except my conversion kits) cheaper someplace, someday, but that other guy is going to sell you the switch first – because you asked for it.

We stock a full range of original Jaguar XJ parts – suspension, electrical, glass, sheet metal, etc. – virtually everything you need.  300,000 pounds of leftovers and used/salvage goodies for 1970 to 1998 XJs are available – please call.  Rebuilt water pumps, steering racks, boosters, rear axles, etc. and more for your XJ.  When you have a question or need quotes, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request – you’ll get it back quicker.  Please include your vehicle info, VIN (vehicle identification number) and customer number if possible.

Full service for your XJ Jaguar is available at my Jaguar Lane facility.  John’s Cars is glad to try and help you on your XJ car problems and answer your questions about conversions but! – I do ask that you be considerate – try to keep your calls to a reasonable length so everyone gets a chance.  Make a list before you call and it will make us both more efficient – you can fax or email it too.  Keep your VIN handy and include it in correspondence.

You may purchase via PayPal. But you will get better customer service and sometimes lower prices by ordering via telephone at (214)426-4100.
jrtip.jpg (3199 bytes) If you don’t see it, ASK!  If you don’t see it, ASK!  If you don’t see it, ASK!
All orders are accepted without guarantee as to time of completion but we will do our best to deliver in the time stated. We do not hold ourselves responsible for goods lost/damaged in transit but we will assist you in claims in any way we can. We reserve the right to partial shipment.
I try to stick to the prices listed but I can’t reprint the catalog (or update the web) every time there is a price change. Therefore, prices are subject to change without notice. In the event of an increase of over 25% we will notify you first. Quotes are for seven days only.
Please include 15% of the total for orders up to $400 ($5 minimum), over $400 please call for a guesstimate. Often the freight is less than 15% but inevitably some part has gone up slightly and I use the excess for that, however, any overages will be credited/refunded. UPS is our main carrier but rail, bus service and truck freight are available for additional charges and conditions – please call for further details. Overnight/Express services require credit card guarantee. We will ship freight collect for the actual amount if not included with your order plus the carrier’s COD charge. A few items are subject to crating/packing charges.  Chemicals – surface transportation only.
Parts There is a $5.00 service/handling charge on all orders under $20.00. Certified funds are required on all orders over $50.00. Non certified funds will delay your order. All funds in U.S. dollars only. No open accounts, no wire transfers, no exceptions. Foreign orders must be paid in full in advance. VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER are accepted on parts orders.  We accept COD orders on most merchandise. We may also require prepayment or deposit on unusual/labor intensive orders.  NOTE:   UPS no longer accepts cash!  You will have to have a Cashiers Check or Money Order for the correct amount.
Kits Conversion kits (and other proprietary goods) require certified funds in advance with a signed kit order sheet – NO credit cards, NO COD, NO personal or company checks, and NO wire transfers!  XJ kits are in stock and shipped same day.   Kits are not pieced out.  Kit parts are available for warranty replacement.   No returns on kits.  "Ground freight paid" refers to kits shipped in the continental U.S.A.only!
Refused goods If you refuse any package, there is a $5.00 service/handling charge plus the freight and any COD charges. No further orders will be accepted until your account is cleared.
Guarantees Our guarantee is limited to replacing parts proved to be of faulty material or workmanship and does not include fitting or transportation; we definitely do not hold ourselves responsible for consequential damages. Should any part prove defective through faulty material or workmanship the same will be replaced. We do not hold ourselves responsible for goods damaged in transit but we will assist you in claims in any way we can. Notification of shortages and/or damage must be within 48 hours of receipt and supplemented in writing.
Quality Most Jaguar parts catalogued are OEM, however some parts in our catalog are listed with the same number as that of the original manufacturer but are not OEM. If you wish to know if a particular item is a replacement or reproduction, just ask. If you unknowingly receive a reproduction item and wish to return it, please call first. Rebuilt units and/or used parts are shipped without lubrication/grease.
Returns Before returning goods, you must receive written authorization from JCI within 30 days of receipt. A RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number will be issued. If approved, only goods received in satisfactory condition will be credited at invoice prices less a handling charge of 25% which may be waived at our discretion. The purchaser is responsible for all freight charges. Parts which are disassembled, machined or altered after leaving our establishment will not be accepted for return. Special orders, fuel parts, kits and electrical parts are non-returnable.
Cores A core charge is required on rebuilt parts until we receive your exchange. Upon receipt, we will inspect your unit and refund the deposit less whatever non-wear parts are broken, damaged, missing, etc. Cores must be returned prepaid and insured. Do not disassemble the unit. Please drain fluids and package your cores very carefully before you ship it to us. All freight is responsibility of purchaser. Authorization not required for core return but please include a copy of the invoice. Allow 30 days from receipt for your refund. Please return cores promptly so I have parts for the next customer.
Hours We are open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and major holidays.
Old Dogs I am not interested in discussing my policies – experience has set them and old dogs don’t change. Besides, the only people who should have any use for how my policies have become law should be the other guys and they will have to swim/sink on their own!
Other Notes
Guilty as charged, the JCI customer list keeps growing and sometimes I don’t keep up too well. Good folks are hard to get and as specialized (weird) as JCI is, it takes a long time to get the information engraved and then JR changes something. If we run amuck with your order – let me know – it may not solve the problem created but I’ll know and I assure you I’ll do whatever is possible to sort it out and maybe it will help keep us on track. If I don’t know it is broken, it’s hard to fix.
JCI is looking for additional people to work with us. If you are a non-smoking workaholic who has an above average abuse tolerance level, drop me a note. In the meantime you’ll have to tolerate my humor?... this is supposed to be fun!
We are glad to answer your questions about conversions or try to help you on your XJ car problems, but please call on our regular phone line 214-426-4100.  We do ask that you be reasonable – try to keep your calls to five minutes so everyone gets a chance.  Make a list BEFORE you call and it will make us both more efficient.   There is an answering machine when we are not available, but if you do not leave a name, number and nature of request, I’m not gonna call back!.

If you are ready to order (i.e. have the part numbers in front of you) use (214)426-4100. Better yet, make a list and FAX it to us on 214-426-3116.

Visitation Please call first to schedule an appointment – not just for directions.  I do not have 29 hungry salespeople twiddling thumbs and I want to be sure your visit is given proper time.  No children (without leashes), pets or football coaches (rugby buses).  I do not allow people to wander on site or in   my service areas.  If you arrived to pick up your car, you wouldn’t want to see six guys inside it twisting knobs, etc.  I do not have cars on display for sale as each is built to order.  Occasionally we have a customers V8 car on the lot for sale but we our not a used car lot as our primary business is conversions, parts and service.   Call beforehand to make sure the car you want to see is here.
Used Parts Used parts, please call in advance – I’ll retrieve what you require but call the parts department before coming.  We don't have cars for you to rummage through.
SHOPS I am looking for established shops that are reliable to do conversions for local referrals.  No franchises, fees, commissions or legal hassles – on the table deals only.  Repeat kit discounts are available to all.  Please contact me if you qualify.  The most important thing is to have a demonstrator available (put your wife in one – if that’s not confidence, nothing is). 
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Phone: (214) 426-4101
Fax: (214) 426-3116
800 Jaguar Lane
Dallas, TX 75226

2004 John's Cars, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Prices subject to change without notice.