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Which conversion are you looking for?  Just click a conversion or item next to the car that looks like yours.  Or click the Jaguar to go to more information about that model.

XJ Sedans
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(1969 to 1987)
The classic Jaguar Sedan was built for 20 years in many variations (XJ6, XJ6C, XJ6L, XJ12, XJ12C, and XJ12L).  We define the "classic" XJ Sedans as all sedans from 1969 to 1987 in the USA (Series 3 XJ12 sedans were available through 1992 in the ROW [rest of the world]).    Check out the XJ Sedan Model Guide for more details. 
Chevy V8 Conversion:   Ready to drive your Sedan there-and-back without visiting the shop?  A Chevy V8 driveline provides the reliability and driveability you have been waiting for!
XJ6 Quarterbreed:  Got the Borg-Warner blues?  Replace it with a reliable and sturdy GM transmission.
XJ12 Quarterbreed:   Tired of third gear?  LEAP into the 21st century with a GM overdrive behind your V12 Jaguar motor.
Buy parts on-line for your XJ Sedan:   We carry a full line of parts for all XJ Sedan models – new, rebuilt and used.

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(1976 to 1996)
The replacement for the E-Type, the Jaguar XJS matched the XJ Sedans in longevity and in variations (XJS, XJS-HE, XJ-SC [Cabriolet], XJS Convertible).  Check out the XJS Model Guide for more details.
XJS Chevy V8 Conversion:   Make your XJS what it was meant to be – a luxury sports car.   A Chevy conversion will make your XJS fun to drive – reliability is a side effect.  Fits all XJS.
XJS Quarterbreed:   Tired of third gear?  LEAP into the 21st century with a GM overdrive behind your V12 Jaguar motor.  Fits all V12 XJS.
XJS & XJS HE Parts:  We carry a full line of parts for all XJS models – new, rebuilt and used.  Check out

XJ6 & XJ12
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(1987 to 1997)
The new flagship of Jaguar was launched in 1987 as an 1988 model.   Officially named as "The New Jaguar XJ6", we call it the XJ40, its original code name.  1995 brings the XJ40 back to a Jaguar "look" – code "X300".  In 1998 Jaguar finally put a V8 in their Sedan (20 years after we did it!).
Chevy V8 Conversion:  A V8 conversion is under consideration for the XJ40.   Please return to this page periodically for the latest information.
XJ40 Parts: We carry a full range of spares for your XJ40 Sedans - new, rebuilt, aftermarket and used.  Here are a few parts that we carry for the XJ40.  If you don't see it here, please call.

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(1961 to 1974)
The sexiest car ever made is even more fun with a V8 under the hood.  Make it a daily driver rather than a toy for the weekends.
V12 E-Type to Chevy V8 Conversion: Chevrolet small block spunk and reliability for the sexiest cars ever built.  Fits all V12 E-Types (1971 to 1974).
6-cylinder E-Type to Ford V8 Conversion: Put a Chevy transmission behind your 6-cylinder Jaguar motor.  Fits all 6-cylinder E-Types (1961 to 1971).
E-Type Parts:   We have most suspension and brake parts for the E-Types.

Mark Sedans
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(1955 to 1969)
The ancestors of the XJ Sedan, these classics suffer from many of the same motor and transmission woes of its descendants.  The Mark came in several models, including the Mark I, II, IX, X, 240,340, 420 and S-Types.
Mark GM V6 Conversion:   A GM V6 and overdrive transmission make the Mark classic feel at home the modern world.  Fits the Mark I, Mark II, S-Types and 420 (does not fit the others).
Mark Quarterbreed:   LEAP into the 21st century with a Chevy overdrive transmission while keeping the 6-cylinder Jaguar motor.  Fits all Mark Models.
Mark Parts:   We have a limited selection of mechanical parts for the Mark Series.
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