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xj-40bw.gif (8986 bytes) The new flagship of Jaguar was launched in 1987 as an 1988 model. Officially named as "The New Jaguar XJ6", we call it the XJ40, its original code name.  1995 brings the XJ40 back to a Jaguar "look" – code "X300".  In 1998 Jaguar finally put a V8 in their Sedan (20 years after we did it!).
XJ40 Parts We carry a full range of spares for your XJ Sedan - new, rebuilt, aftermarket and used.  Here are a few parts that we carry for the XJ40.
V8 Conversion We have no plans to develop a V8 conversion for this model. The XJ40 has nothing in common with the earlier XJ series. Nothing from our earlier kits is suitable. We don't know of any kits available and please do not call us about this type of conversion. This model has few engine/transmission problems. Most last 250K-300K.
1988 to 1997 XJ6 Sedan Model Guide
The XJ40 Sedans began life in March 1987 (as an 88 USA model) and continued until 1997. They carried several different model monikers over the years including XJ6, XJ6L, XJ12, and XJ12L, as well as having "upscale" models, the Sovereign, Majestic and Vanden Plas.  The "XJ" was used again for continuity between the XJ40 and earlier Sedans.  The 6 or 12 is the number of cylinders of the Jaguar motor.  The "L" cars were lengthened to provide more room in the back seat. The cars were also split into two different Series by year. 
Series IV 1988-1994
Series V 1995-1997

1988 to 1997 XJ Sedan VIN Guide
The following table lists the starting VIN (vehicle identification number) for a model year. 

The VIN is typically located on the driver's windshield pillar or the driver's door or jam.  On USA cars federal law specifies that it be permanently affixed in the dash area. Jaguar cars have a plate that is riveted to the windshield (roof) post on the driver's side. (Gray market cars usually have a metal tag glued to the dash pad). Additionally this number is stamped into the RH fender brace or cowl brace and finally it is on the door or door jamb (by the hinge on early sedans, lock striker on XJS) on a embossed label. All three should match - be cautious if they do not. The label is often painted over but usually you can still read it. This is where the build date, i.e., 8/79 will be found. Earlier Sedans have a metal plate with engine, transmission, body information stamped in it that is riveted to the fender well. European cars have a 2 x 3" label with similar information under the hood. The color and trim codes are usually found on 1980-> stick-on labels with the VIN.

Engine numbers are used for all types of parts - gaskets, Lucas, flywheels, hoses, fuel parts, ignition, and especially water pumps. What will really throw you a curve is "What kind of ignition do you have" when you order XJS floor mats!  The engine number for an XJ6 is on outer edge of bellhousing flange of block where it meets the transmission. Ten o'clock position if viewing the motor from the rear. It is visible when you peer past the brake booster on the driver's side. Example 8L25468.  The V12 is a bit harder because it gets dirtier - located on the bellhousing flange at 12 Noon - take a torch (English for flashlight).

Series Year XJ6 Sovereign Vanden Plas XJ12 XJR
IV 1988 SAJHV 1?4[]JC 506664 X SAJKV 1?4[]JC X X
V 1993          
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