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xke-bw2.jpg (4626 bytes) The sexiest car ever made is even more fun with a V8 under the hood.  Make it a daily driver rather than a toy for the weekends.
V12 E-Type to
Chevy V8 Conversion
Chevrolet small block reliability for the sexiest cars ever built.  This kit is for all 1971 to 74 V12 coupes and roadsters.   Six cylinder XKE's require different kits – see below.  Our conversions are 100% bolt-in, absolutely no cutting, welding, etc. required, all instrumentation functions as original, thus your collectable piece remains unscathed and you can enjoy its use.  Kit is for left hand drive only.
6-Cylinder E-Type to
Ford V8 Conversion
Unlike my other conversion kits, I DO NOT furnish all the etcetera on this one - thus I Do Not Recommend this Conversion for the Novice Mechanic.  You’ll have to create and/or fabricate some items – thus mechanical savvy/experience is recommendedI’m not trying to scare you, just keep you from plunging too deep.  A Ford small block V8 (221, 260, 289, 302, no 351 combinations) with Ford transmission is used for this conversion (sorry - GT Mustang Fuel Injection won't clear).
XKE Parts We carry a limited range of spares for your XKE - generally any parts that carried over to the XJ Sedans (brakes and suspension mostly).  We definitely don't have any body, trim or interior parts for the XKE. Check out our XJ parts and products pages.
Future Products Presently, a Quarterbreed Conversion is being considered for both the V12 and 6-cylinder XKE. 
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