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Chevrolet small block power and reliability for the sexiest cars ever built.  This kit is for all 1971 to 74 V12 coupes and roadsters.  Six cylinder cars require different kits – go here.  My conversions are 100% bolt-in, absolutely no cutting, welding, etc. required, all instrumentation functions as original, thus your collectable piece remains unscathed and you can enjoy its use.  Kit is for left hand drive only.

The V8 E-Type weighs approximately 125 pounds less than its V12 predecessor when using an all iron V8.  The center of gravity is changed slightly rearward and enhances the handling without upsetting the ride.  Serviceability, parts availability and cost, fuel economy and reliability, are just a few of the pluses.  Drive it anywhere and back!!!   It all slips under the stock bonnet to keep it under wraps and sneaky.   GM Fuel Injection will clear the hood so you can be ultra-cool.

The conversion kit includes:

  • front engine mounting brackets and my special encapsulated engine isolators
  • left side exhaust manifold (right side uses stock GM Ramshorn manifold)
  • transmission crossmembers and mount
  • 100% "plug-in" wiring engine function harness, color coded to original Jaguar colors
  • throttle and transmission linkages
  • cable drive speedometer hookup and calibration
  • radiator and heater hoses
  • power steering hoses
  • air-conditioning hoses
  • fuel filter, hoses, nuts, bolts, and clamps
  • intelligible instructions
    V8 Driveline and Recommendations
    A "complete" Chevrolet small block with your choice of GM transmission is required.  The mechanical fan is not used.  You need the Chevy power steering pump, an internal regulator alternator and if air-conditioned, the A6 (long style) compressor mounted on the driver's side.  The original E-Type radiator, expansion tank and electric fans are retained. 

    TBI & TPI Notes:  Presently, all GM serpentine drive accessories will not clear the frame rails and/or hood.  If your TBI or TPI came with serpentine brackets and accessories (alternator, compressor, power steering pump, smog pump), you'll have to swap the brackets for an the earlier style of brackets that use multiple vee belts (you can reuse the accessories).  The brackets that work are on any 68-87 carburetted motor with the long A/C compressor on the left hand side.  Aftermarket setups may work, but I do not know of any.

    LT-1 Notes:  LT-1 accessories also will not clear the frame rails and you do not have a water pump pulley to run the multiple vee belts.  To use this motor, you would have to custom make serpentine brackets that mount on the LT-1 AND fit inside the the frame rails.

    For Fuel Injection motors, we suggest an aftermarket harness from a specialty shop.  We have used Howell Engineering in Michigan (810-765-5100) and Dr. K in Alabama (205-543-7165), both with success.  We do have fuel pumps and Oxygen sensor bungs in stock.

    Your transmission choices are the 4 or 5-speed manuals, T350 or T700 automatic overdrive.  The T400 is not recommended.  The automatic conversion is easier since you do not have to fabricate shift linkage (4-Speed only, 5-Speed linkage has integral linkage).  You can convert your manual shift car to an automatic by fitting an aftermarket or GM passenger car shifter to your console (or console from an automatic E-Type).  The GM 6-speed has not been tried at this point.  It has no provision for mechanical speedometer drive and the setup to drive the speedometer is pricey.

    The automatic swap requires 20-30 hours (exclusive of detail work such as repainting the frame rails) and no special tools are needed.  For manual shift conversions, add 5-10 hours for shifter and hydraulic clutch installation.  The manual kit is for a 10" clutch and it includes the special bellhousing, clutch fork and arm but not the clutch or the shifter.

    T700 Notes:   All T700's have torque-convertor lockup and it must be hooked up to prevent damage to the transmission.  John's Cars offers ELECTROLOCK™, the simple setup to lock-up a T700 torque convertor for maximum fuel economy. Very easy to install – no drilling, tapping or machining required.  For T700 trans to 1992 (not 4L60E).  The kit can be installed with the trans in the car.

    Suggestion:  I strongly recommend you purchase a COMPLETE "pull-out" engine with transmission, fan, all accessories and brackets, trans oil cooler lines, air filter assembly (with a flat top), etc., as a package.  Buying a piece at a time will drive you and the parts person nuts, not to mention the added time and money.  Alternatively, consider also buying an older but complete Chevrolet car and rebuilding the motor, transmission, etc. Performance mods are easy to do at overhaul time.  I suggest 1969-up long style water pump and brackets, internal regulator alternator and HEI distributor.  The main point is to get the new driveline COMPLETE – even if you have to buy an entire car to do it!  This is the number one comment from people who try to piece it together themselves.

    Conversion Kit Pricing and How To Order
    V12 E-Type Kit & Goodies Price Freight
    Automatic Transmission Kit 1, 2, 3 $1,250.00  included
    Manual Transmission Kit 1, 2, 4 1,500.00   included
    Tachometer Recalibration 70.00  included
    A Non-illustrated Manual is available
    to get you going and is credited
    toward your kit purchase.
    25.00  included
    Fuel Pumps
    ...TBIPUMP - fuel pump for TBI
    ...TPIPUMP - fuel pump for TPI


    Oxygen Sensor Bungs 6.00  1.00 
    Electrolock™ 85.00  5.00 
    1 Add $100.00 for Fuel Injection V8.
    2 Add $50.00 for a Carburetted V8 with Weatherpack electricals
    3 Add $50.00 for T700 overdrive trans.
    4 Add $50.00 for T-5 manual trans. 
    To order, complete the three John's Cars E-Type Conversion Order Sheets sign them and send them in with certified funds or money order.  No COD, credit cards, or personal checks.  No exceptions!  KITS are in STOCK and shipped upon receipt of funds.   Fill in as much information on the order sheet as possible as there are over 6000 variations.  Especially important are the year, model, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car, the engine and transmission you plan to use, the tire size and the numbers (1216 or 1312) from the face of your speedometer.   Also, specify compressor type and side of the motor (driver or passenger, transmission type and tailhousing length.

    Please call if you’d like help filling out your order sheets.  Please call – remember my fondness for phone tag plus I may not be able to get it on its way if your order is not complete.  If you have any questions on the conversion kit, please call or email them to xke12@johnscars.com.  Prices subject to change without notice.

    Order Sheet Page 1
    Order Sheet Page 2
    Order Sheet Page 3

    The E-Type Conversion order sheets are JPEG images (about 185K each) so it will take a minute or so to load.   Print it out from a Laser, LED or ink-jet printer only – dot matrix printer will be useless.  Make sure your print margins are set to .50 inches or it may not fit on a page.   

    Note: Given the proprietary nature of my conversion kits, I do not allow the return of a conversion kit for any reason.

    E-Type Parts & Spares
    I stock suspension and brake parts for the E-Type but do not handle trim or other pieces for them.  Check out our XJ Parts Page.   Please call for pricing and availability!!!
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