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I Do Not Recommend this Conversion for the Novice Mechanic.

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Unlike my other conversion kits, I DO NOT furnish all the etceteras on this one – you’ll have to chase and/or fabricate some items – thus mechanical savvy/experience is recommended.   I’m not trying to scare you, just keep you from plunging in too deep.  A Ford small block V8 (221, 260, 289, 302, no 351 combinations) with Ford transmission is used for the Series I and II E-Type conversion.  The Chevy V8 will not fit between the frame rails – you would have to totally reconstruct the space frame.   Can you afford the liability?  And what if you wanted to restore your classic to original?  My kit is 100% bolt-in.  V12 E-types require a different kit – go here.

There are some tight areas: hood clearance for the air filter (sorry – GT Mustang Fuel Injection won't clear either) and the oil filter assembly requires a remote mounting assembly.  The finished product is certainly worth the effort.  Air-conditioning and power steering can be fitted.  The stock radiator and fans are retained. No right hand drive conversions are available.

Please, PLEASE, understand that this is not a complete kit – I provide mounts, headers and other items but not every detail.  There are many running changes over the years and I don't know the specific answers to what a 6312 etc., etc. will need, hence the warning about novice mechanics.  I am not in a position to provide you with step by step details.

The installation package includes

The headers for this conversion were not CARB approved.  However, in January 1998 the emission laws changed, and now imply that all cars 25 or more years old are exempt from emissions standards.  This means that all 6-cylinder E-Types can use my headers.   For once, sanity prevailed.
  • engine mounting brackets & rubber engine mount isolators
  • transmission mount and crossmembers
  • header set
  • automatic shift linkage
  • remote oil filter adaptor and base
  • oil pressure fittings
  • accelerator cable and bracket
  • radiator hoses and clamps
  • heater hoses/fittings and clamps
  • speedometer cable and calibration
  • mounting hardware
  • instruction manual and diagrams,
  • wiring notes

The front motor mount brackets attach to the stock Jaguar front mountings.  The new transmission crossmember bolts to the stock floorpan.  No cutting, welding or holes in your car are required as is necessary with other swaps.  The headers exit into the tunnel between the frame and oil pan without loss of ground clearance. They are four tubes (1 1/2") into a 2 1/2" collector. I do not supply the hookups to stock exhaust.  You can use a C4 automatic or manual transmission, but you may have to cut the tunnel for shifter clearance on 4-speed manual installations – a T5 would be easier.  Ford’s AOD (automatic overdrive) will fit but may require some hammer work for clearance.  Please call for details if using Ford Dura-Spark ignition.

Kit Pricing and How To Order
6-cyl E-Type Conversion Kit
Conversion Kit $895.00 
Electronic Tach Calibration 70.00 
Generator Tachometer Recalibration Call 
A Non-illustrated Manual is available to get you going and is credited toward your kit purchase. 25.00 
Prices include freight
To order a John's Cars E-Type conversion kit, complete the E-Type Conversion Order Sheet and send it in with certified funds or money order.  No COD, credit cards, or personal/company checks. No exceptions!  KITS are in STOCK and shipped upon receipt of funds.  Fill in as much information on the order sheet as possible as there are over 6000 variations.  Especially important info is the original transmission type, speedometer number (from center of face, 1352, 1020, 1312 or ?), tire size, rear axle ratio, plus year, model, etc.  Still not a believer?  Read our Customer Testimonials to hear what our customers think about us and our products.

The E-Type Conversion Order Sheet is a JPEG images (about 185K each) so it will take a minute or so to load.   Print it out from a Laser, LED or ink-jet printer only – dot matrix printer will be useless.  Make sure your print margins are set to .50 inches or it may not fit on a page.

Please call if you’d like help filling out your order sheet.  Please call – remember my fondness for phone tag plus I may not be able to get your kit on the way if your order is not complete.  If you have any questions on the conversion kit, please call or email them to xke6@johnscars.com.   Prices subject to change without notice.

Note: Given the proprietary nature of my conversion kits, I do not allow the return of a conversion kit for any reason.

E-Type Parts & Spares
John's Cars stocks suspension and brake parts for the E-Type but do not handle trim or other pieces for them.  Check out our XJ Parts Page.   Please call for pricing and availability!!!
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